GPS Treasure Hunt

Our GPS treasure hunts are not just about following a GPS route, no one person in the team will have overall control, our events are about working together, listening to other points of view and using GPS to enhance our already highly regarded treasure hunts.

All are treasure hunts appeal to a wide range of people, from those that enjoy seeing the history of a location, to those that enjoy the element of interacting with others, on our events we open your eyes to the city or venue, we get teams to work together and no matter how uncompetitive you might be there is always something in our treasure hunts for teams to enjoy.

Many a time someone remarks ‘I walk past there everyday and never noticed that’

In developing our GPS treasure hunts we have listened to feedback from groups and ensured that the event is not too much technology driven more it is enhanced by the use of technology.

Teams can compete equally by using the GPS or not, so it is ideal for the full spectrum of your team.

Our event managers will take over from start to finish of the event, from the initial briefing to the final awards, also all equipment is provided by our team.

Our treasure hunts do not have a set route, there are also more clues than time available so teams all set off together and will see each other over the event duration but there is no advantage to follow another team.

The packs are designed and written for your team, there will be answers to question, photo challenges, a shopping list and a word quiz.

At the end of the event our event manager will run a team marking session, which is always lively, and fun, there will only be one winning team and each team member will walk away with a prize.

To find out more about how a treasure hunt would be of benefit to your team, talk to one of our office team and they will look after you from start to finish, they understand the event and will listen to what you require and advise you accordingly.

email for details